…An Invitation to Make a Difference!
Over the past several months, we have moved through the planning stages to prepare for the construction of The Reverend Dr. S. Howard Woodson, Jr. Family Life Center (The Woodson Family Life Center) as Phase 1 of Shiloh’s Vision 2020 strategic plan.

It is now time for action in ministry! In keeping with our faith walk, we now move forward with the three-year, $6 Million Capital Campaign. We, as a church body, must consider our financial contribution toward this important endeavor. We are asking you to develop a giving plan that extends three years for the purpose of funding the construction of The Woodson Family Life Center. Each individual or family is asked to consider a gift of sacrifice (beyond tithes or Sunday offering) based on an individual’s or family’s capacity to give.

To assist you with your planning and prayerful consideration, below is a Gift Chart which shows you the estimated number of gifts (in cash or in-kind) and the levels of gifts Shiloh will need to reach the $6 million funding goal. For example, the Gift Chart shows that we will need 200 individuals to pledge $1000 each year ($3000 total) to reach $600,000 towards our goal. As you can see, our challenge is great, but our capacity is greater!


…An Invitation to Make a Difference!
Shiloh recognizes that the success of this venture depends on generous investments. We believe this campaign represents an opportunity for every Shiloh member to leave a legacy from the heart for future generations of the Church and surrounding community. We recognize the opportunity that God has given us to give back for the blessings we enjoy in our lives.
To further assist, below is a Personal Faith Commitment Chart which breaks down for you how you can give a gift over time which is both meaningful and appreciated.

As shown in the chart, gifts may be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or on a one-time basis over a 36-month period. Periodic, routine donations of this type can be easier to manage and meaningful to the capital campaign. For example, the chart shows that a weekly gift of $63 can have a three year total of $9,000. Your strong, sacrificial donation will be valuable and allow Shiloh to continue to strengthen and expand its Kingdom-building ministry through the construction of The Woodson Family Life Center.