J – Jobs and Job Training

On average at least 300 individuals are served through Shiloh’s programs or initiatives each year. It is our goal to employ and empower over 1000 community-¬‐based and church-¬‐based individuals each year. Programmatically, The Woodson Family Life Center will strengthen and expand programs in the following key areas:

  • Work Readiness Certification, Workforce Re-entry Programs and Assistance
  • Youth Employment and Career Development, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  • Skills Training: Technology, Health Professions, Social Services, Construction Trades, Career Development: Apprenticeship, Internship, and Mentoring Programs

C – Community Recreation

Focusing on our future, a robust children’s outreach ministry delivers academic and recreational support to the youth of Shiloh and the surrounding community. Each week over 125 children participate in various youth programs currently offered by Shiloh. Additionally, for adults, Shiloh currently offers weekly programs impacting hundreds of individuals including senior citizens and family units. Our goal is to minister to over 1000 children, youth and adults each week through the events and activities listed below:

  • Youth and Family Events (movie nights, faith-‐based celebrations), Small Group Clubs for All Ages
  • After School Enrichment, Recreation and Youth Development Programs (STEM, Freedom School)
  • Family Club Programs (intergenerational activities for the entire family), Senior Club Programs (Senior Buddy Program, Knitting Circle, Book Club).

G – Good Health and Wellness

Various ministries work together at Shiloh to deliver programs that support health and wellness. Providing nutritional meals to children and families has been core to Shiloh’s purpose and vision. Today, Shiloh provides meals to hundreds of children who participate in weekly bible study and to local families that participate in Shiloh community food drives. Some of the anticipated wellness programs include:

  • Emergency Food Pantry, Health and Prevention Fairs, Exercise/Dance Classes for All Ages
  • Nutrition Classes, Self-‐Defense Classes, Self-‐Management Programs, Early Cancer and Education Detection(screening and education)
  • Healthy Eating and Culinary Arts, Anti-‐Obesity Program – NJ Partnership of Healthy Kids, Beating Bad Health Habits Education.

A – Arts and Education

Shiloh has a passion for the Arts and Education. The Woodson Family Life Center will provide an expanded forum where Shiloh can showcase and cultivate an appreciation of artistic expression in a safe and nurturing environment. Education is also a key focus for the church. For Shiloh youth, the church facilitates a scholarship program awarding educational grants each year and acknowledging the academic successes of our children with gifts.

The Woodson Family Life Center will serve as a home where Shiloh can inspire a lifelong love of education in our children. It is our goal to enhance the lives of thousands of individuals in the church and community through academic, artistic, and educational programs such as:

  • Freedom School, Academic Coaching and After-‐school Tutoring, Art Programs and Classes
  • Adult Technology Workshops, Budget and Debt Management Programs (Parents, Young Adults, and Children), Financial Empowerment Seminars and Activities
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Assistance Programs
  • Voter Education and Registration